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Children Blessing V'zakeini L'gadel 

Children Blessing V'zakeini L'gadel 

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Children Blessing V'zakeini L'gadel 
Can be personalized, with kids names in the center of the circle.

Made on White %100 Linen Fabric with Black Ink, has Modern look and makes the perfect Nursery Room Gift
Comes Framed or as a Print Only

Ve'zakeini le'gadeil banim u'vnei vanim chachamim u'nivonim,
o'havei Hashem, yir'ei Elokim, anshei emes, zerah kodesh,
ba'Hashem de'veikim, u'mi'irim es ha'olam baTorah u've'ma'asim tovim,
u've'chol mi'leches avodas ha'Borei.

May I merit to raise children and grandchil​dren, wise/saga​cious and intellige​nt/unders​tanding,
who love Hashem, fear G-d, and speak the truth. May they be holy offspring​, who cleave to G-d,
and light up the world with Torah and good deeds, and with service to the Creator.

Please contact me FOR CUSTOM ORDERS (size,color and etc.)

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