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Home Blessing - Birkat Habayit

Home Blessing - Birkat Habayit

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Home Blessing with Hamsa Hand 

This elegant design is crafted on linen fabric, and makes it a perfect gift for any occasion.
Choose between a beautifully framed version in a solid wood grey frame or opt for the print alone, offering versatility to match any decor style

This is the home, and this the family,
Who have always known success and happiness.
May this place be blessed from on high,
With peace and good health abounding.
May prosperity and wealth be plentiful,
And harmony reign in the surroundings.
From this place, let there be an ascent of worship,
Sounds of joy, longevity, and delight.
Bless this home,
Amen, may it be so. 

Zeh ha'bayit, ve'zot ha'mishpacha,
She'tamid yad'u hatslacha ve'simcha.
Yehi makom zeh mevorach me'marom,
Im shalom u'briut she'fa.
Tifrotz osher ve'osher,
Ve'shalva te'shoret be'kivunav.
Me'makom zeh tisa aliyat avodah,
Kolot simcha, orech yamim ve'taanug.
Barech et ha'bayit hazeh,
Amen, ken yehi ratzon.

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