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Priestly Blessing

Priestly Blessing

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Birkat Kohanim Priestly Blessing
Numbers 6:23-26

This beautiful and modern art made on Canvas with Golden motives
Makes it a Perfect Gift for any occasion
Comes Framed with a solid barn wood Grey frame or as a Print Only

This beautiful blessing has a strong rhythmic structure, and the verses become increasingly more personal.
The first line, “May G‑d bless you and guard you,” refers to material blessings: sustenance, physical health and so on.
The second, “May G‑d shine His countenance upon you and be gracious to you,” refers to the interpersonal blessing of grace between ourselves and others.
The third line is the deepest of all: “May G‑d turn His countenance toward you and grant you peace.” There are seven billion people on the earth.
What makes us anything more than a face in the crowd, a wave in the ocean, a grain of sand on the sea shore? The fact that we are G‑d’s children.
He is our parent. He turns His face toward us.
He cares.
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