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Rosh Hashanah Prayer Avinu Malkeinu

Rosh Hashanah Prayer Avinu Malkeinu

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Rosh Hashanah Prayer
Avinu Malkeinu, let the new year be a good year for us

This Elegant designis made on White %100 Linen Fabric, has Modern look and makes the perfect Rosh Hashanah Gift
Comes Framed with solid wood grey Frame or as a Print Only

Avinu Malkeinu, tonight we thank You for the gift of another
year. In the days to come, we will turn outward and take care
of the world around us. We will turn toward each other and
foster peace within the human family. We will turn inward and
seek wholeness within our souls. O God, be with us in the
coming year.

Please contact me FOR CUSTOM ORDERS (size,color and etc.)

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