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Shivaat haminim "Seven Species”

Shivaat haminim "Seven Species”

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Shivaat haminim - Seven Species
Enjoy the Goodness, For You Shall be Blessed

This modern Jewish art is a great way to send a blessing to someone you Lovefor any occasion
It also makes a perfect Holiday, Appreciation Gift
Comes with a solid wood frame in Grey color or as a Print Only
Made on %100 linen in Oatmeal- Light Grey color

“V’samachta bechol haTov…”,
May you enjoy all the goodness that G-d gives to you and to your entire household…
“Ki Yevarechecha Hashem…”,
For you shall be blessed by G-d with all your crop and all the work of your hands,
and you shall only have joy.

Please contact me FOR CUSTOM ORDERS (size,color and etc.)

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